Finding a Breeder

Finding a responsible, ethical breeder can be a daunting task! With so many people breeding puppies, it can be very confusing sorting out the responsible breeders from those looking to make a quick buck. Here are some tips that will help you on your search.
  • A responsible breeder health tests their dogs. The Chinese Crested Club of Canada strongly recommends all breeding dogs have yearly CERF exams, have been DNA tested for prcd-PRA and PLL (or know their status through their parentage), have had their patella's examined and are BAER hearing tested. These are the MINIMUM health clearances that both mother and father should possess. Lack of time, money, or testing facilities are all excuses, don't accept them!
  • A responsible breeder will be able to tell you the strong and weak points of the parents, and why they chose those dogs for breeding. Typically, the parents will be Champions, or have a good reason for those dogs who are not Champions. A breeder who say they don't show because of "politics" or "cliques" is making excuses.
  • A responsible breeder will be willing to answer questions, both before and after the sale, or even if you choose not to buy a puppy from them.
  • A responsible breeder will have questions for you! They will want to know why you want a dog, why you chose this breed, and your plans for housing and training the dog. A responsible breeder will not sell their dogs to the first person who has cash in hand, they want the best possible home for their puppies.
  • A responsible breeder won't have puppies available all the time. They plan their litters carefully, and may have a waiting list for upcoming litters.
  • A responsible breeder INSISTS that the puppy be returned to them if you can no longer care for it, whatever that reason may be. Only under special circumstances would you rehome your puppy without returning it to the breeder. A responsible breeder will do everything in their power to keep their puppies from ending up in shelters.
  • A responsible breeder will want to keep in touch with you, and share in your successes, big or small. They also want to know if anything goes wrong. This is a relationship you will have for the life of your dog, and after! Be sure you are dealing with someone with whom you can relate.
Remember, dog's sold as purebred in Canada are required to have registration papers. The breeder must provide these papers to you within 6 months of the date of sale. The breeder is not allowed to charge you more for the papers, nor are they legally allowed to sell a dog without papers. If you would like help locating a breeder near you, Please contact Julie Milton.