Grooming a Hairless

Even the hairless variety of Chinese Crested benefit from regular grooming! The hairless' skin is very similar to our own, and proper skin care techniques to keep the skin and pores clean and free of oil buildup. Just like us, the hairless have different skin types, from normal, to dry, to oily. Discuss with your breeder the proper way to care for your particular dog, as skin types are most often genetic, your breeder will have more detailed information for maintaining your particular dog. Here are some general tips to consider:
  • Bathe your crested regularly, using a shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs. You can use this shampoo on their skin as well.
  • Use sunscreen sparingly. It is a myth that cresteds need to be lathered in sunscreen every time they go outside. Excess lotion will block the pores, and lead to acne. Just as you would shower after a long day in the sun, to wash away the excess lotion, do the same for your crested when sunscreen is absolutely necessary.
  • Use a light moisturizer only when necessary. As the sunscreen will block pores, so will moisurizers, and they should only be used when the skin requires it, and not on a daily basis. When you do need to use a moisturizer, look for ones designed for human babies, as babies (like dogs) put any body part they can reach in their mouths.
  • Cresteds will often develop acne and blackheads, especially during their "teenage" years. Just like us, the acne bug hits some families harder than others (think back to your highschool years and you will remember some "pizza faced" teens while others remained completely free of acne). Discuss with your breeder the best way to combat acne.
  • Also like us, the food your crested eats will have an impact on their skin's health. Some will make the skin more oily, while others will dry the skin. This is very individual - one food that works well for one family of dogs can have the opposite effect on another. Again, discuss with your breeder what food they recommend if you think your crested's diet is affecting their skin.
  • If your dog develops a skin irritation that doesn't respond to treatments suggested by your breeder, discuss the issue with your veterinarian. There could be an underlying cause, from a food allergy, an infection, or sensitivity to surroundings (grass, pollen, or even your laundry detergent!). Any dog can develop these issues, but they are more readily visible on a hairless dog.
Hairless Chinese Cresteds often have their faces and ears shaved for neatness, and also require nail trimming and tidying of the pads on their feet. More details on how to do this are on the Powderpuff grooming page, as techniques are the same between varieties. Additionally, the hairless can have varying degrees of body hair, much like people do. As each Crested is unique, please discuss grooming your hairless with the breeder.