Health Considerations

The Chinese Crested breed has many of the same health considerations that are common wth other toy breeds, such as legg-perthies, luxating patellas, liver shunts, and fading puppy syndrome. Unilateral and bilateral deafness are known in the breed, as well as closed ear canals. Dogs who are unilaterally deaf can lead perfectly normal lives, however, BAER testing on all breeding animals is strongly recommended. Dogs posessing unilateral or bilateral deafness should not be used for breeding. Additionally, some of the most serious areas of concern are eye problems including PRA, lens luxation, cataracts, and glaucoma, among others. We are fortunate to have identified the gene for prcd-PRA, and now have a DNA test available. Unfortunately, there is at least one other form of PRA in the breed that there is not a genetic test for. Both the DNA test for prcd-PRA and yearly CERF exams are recommended.