Pioneer Award

In 2013, the club awarded it's very first Pioneer Award to Glenna Fierheller. Her daughter, Vicki Fierheller, has written this history of Glenna's involvement with the Chinese Cresteds.
Four Halls was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club back in 1964. My mother has always loved animals and never been without one. After a start in Bullmastiffs, she decided a smaller breed would be more practical in the city. She settled on the Maltese, and so the love affair began in 1968. Four Halls Maltese has and continues to be, one of the top Maltese kennels in Canada for 45 years. After so many years of extensive grooming, my mom decided to leave that part to me and look for a second breed that would be easier to maintain and prepare for the show ring. My parents went to Crufts in 1987 and happened upon Chinese Cresteds. 79 of them in fact! At first my mom thought they were the strangest looking dogs she had ever seen,  but it didn't take long for her to get "hooked". Brenda Jones (Kojak) suggested that my mom get in contact with Amy Fernandez (Razzmatazz) in New York. Not long after that "Lady Godiva" arrived at our home. Soon she was joined by "Indigo" (also from Amy) and later "Krinkle" (from Mary Dee Lindemaier). At that time, Cresteds were not recognized in Canada or in the USA. My mother contacted the Canadian Kennel Club to see what was required for Cresteds to become recognized in Canada. Dorothy Walker, who was registrar at the time, was tremendously helpful. The breed needed 25 dogs owned by three unrelated people and there had to be a big enough gene pool to ensure success. My mother was determined to get the Chinese Cresteds recognized in Canada. One of the stumbling blocks was that most of the Cresteds living in Canada at that time, came from the U.S. and were registered with the American Chinese Crested Club. The ACCC was not a recognized club by the CKC. My mother was able to convince the CKC that AKC was going to accept the ACCC's stud records for admission into the toy group. The CKC decided to allow ACCC registered Cresteds to be included as part of the 25 dogs necessary for inclusion. That and my mom paying the fee for the paperwork :), paved the way for Cresteds to be accepted into the miscellaneous class in Canada. My mom didn't stop there. She took our Cresteds to be shown at several rare breed shows at Credit Valley and Caledon (back when those shows were huge and would put on special events). She also did a couple of judge's seminars. She started writing for the "Breedlines" in Dogs in Canada in order for people to learn about this unusual breed. She wrote for the breedlines for 3 years. Without a doubt, the admittance of Cresteds by AKC into the toy group in 1991 greatly assisted the steps to recognition by the CKC. The breed was officially recognized in Canada in 1992 and eligible for showing in 1993. 5 of my mother's Cresteds finished in 1993 including her original "Godiva" who was by then 6 years old. Razzmatazzmanian Stripper bred by Amy Fernandez and owned by Mary Dee Lindemaier was the first BIS winner in Canada. As a side note, my mother knew Mary Dee from the Salukis. When my mother got Godiva, Mary Dee became fascinated with Cresteds and also became involved with them. So indirectly, my mother contributed to that BIS win ;). In 1995, my mother campaigned her first Crested, Ch. Four Halls Country Charmer. Billy Milne handled "Charmer" to #1 Crested and #5 Toy. "Charmer" had 20 group 1sts and 42 other placements. In 1996 my mother had the thrill of having "Streaker" (Am.Can.Ch.Fourhalls Indecent Exposure), win BIS and BPIS at 11 months of age! It's been an interesting journey with Cresteds. My mother is now retired from breeding and showing. She still has two Cresteds that grace her house "Google" and "Minx".
Hi Everyone: What a thoughtful gesture and what a delightful surprise! I am down to just two Cresties now and that very nice Award is a wonderful reminder of my years in the breed.  I was attracted to the Chinese Cresteds when I first saw them at Crufts and I am very pleased to have been able to play a role in their introduction into Canada.  They are a charming breed and through the work of the club, they are being exposed (pun intended!:) to a much broader audience. Thank-you once again for the lovely Award! All the best, Glenna Fierheller

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