Top Producers

These awards are intended to recognize those dogs who have made valuable contributions to the breed through their involvement in a breeding program, by producing multiple offspring that have excelled in various events and competitions. Since we are a Canadian Club, our focus is on offspring which excel within Canada, however we understand and value the contributions our dogs make to breeding programs around the world. Achievement awards are presented annually. To be eligible for an award, the owner or breeder of the dog must be a member of the Chinese Crested Club of Canada at the time the award is presented. These titles are Chinese Crested Club of Canada designations, and are not officially recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club, or any other national club. Offspring may only be counted once, regardless of how many titles they have achieved. Proof of parentage (eg scan of registration certificate showing sire and dam) and/or proof of titles may be requested with your submission. Sire of Merit (SOM): Requires 6 Titled Offspring Sire of Distinction (SOD): Requires 16 Titled Offspring Dam of Merit (DOM): Requires 5 Titled Offspring Dam of Distinction (DOD): Requires 12 Titled Offspring Definition of Titleholders: Any offspring whom have earned titles in events sponsored by the CKC. CGN titles are included. Wildcards: Wildcards are open slots and can be completed in a variety of ways:
  • Any offspring whom is a CKC titleholder
  • Any offspring whom has earned a title through a Recognized Club*. This rewards breeders who are confident enough in their dogs to participate in events worldwide. These dogs are important to our breed by presenting to the world the excellence of Canadian-bred dogs.
  • Any offspring whom has been officially awarded the Chinese Crested Club of Canada Sire/Dam of Merit or Sire/Dam of Distinction title.
*Recognized Clubs: Clubs accepted as part of the Wildcard slot include any venue officially accepted by the CKC, in addition to events hosted by clubs such as the United Kennel Club (UKC), Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO), Agility Association of Canada (AAC), North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), Canine Musical Freestyle Organization (Paws2Dance freestyle), Canadian Disc Dog Association (CDDA) . If your dog has earned a title in a venue not listed, please contact us to verify if that venue or title may be used.