Best in Show Winners

The following dogs have won a Best in Show at Canadian Kennel Club All-Breed shows
  • GCh Altair's Live Like Horses CGN
  • Ch Barefax Thunderstorm
  • Ch Chargi's Kaleidoscope (x3, first Multi BIS)
  • Ch Crestars Optical Attraction HL
  • Ch Crestars The Heat Izzon HL
  • Ch Destiny's Calvin Klein II (First Powderpuff)
  • Ch Encores I Want Magic
  • Ch Fourhalls Indecent Exposure
  • Ch Kyloe's Lolah Of Tashika
  • Ch Moonswift Iced Diamond (x3)
  • Ch Pahlavi Kabooom
  • Ch Razzmatazz Stripper (First BIS)
  • Ch Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind (x3)
  • GCh Wavecrest Hotshot Cornerpocket CGN (x2)
  • Ch Wind Shoot The Moon
  • Ch Wind Wicked Witch Of Rompford
  • Ch Wind Wicked Won Of Rompford